MPs leaving speaks volumes about the state of the Labour Party…and why we need a new politics

Today, 7 MPs left Labour to form an independent group. I felt they were brave and said I hoped we’d be able to work together.

What I didn’t say is I felt the answer to many of their reasons for leaving are addressed right here, with the Liberal Democrats.

To those former Labour MPs who resigned today. You are brave. This must have been an incredibly difficult step. Look forward to (continuing) to work with you in Parliament. Especially towards delivering a People’s Vote and a more fair and equal Britain.

— Layla Moran (@LaylaMoran) February 18, 2019

British politics is not fit for purpose.

We need a new politics. One that puts people not politicians first, that is community-based and also internationalist. That’s us.


They’re leaving a Labour party that has let down its members and its voters for political gain. Labour’s refusal to act on Brexit is a betrayal of the people that the party claims to stand for. Lib Dems have been unequivocal in our reasons for being anti-Brexit. That’s us.

Social Justice

Society should be free of poverty, ignorance and conformity. Where everyone feels safe and celebrated for who they are. We want a welfare state to catch people when they fall and people to have the power to grab hold of the world and make their dreams a reality. That’s us.

But for millions in our country none of this feels true – it doesn’t have to be this way.

We’re the only party that will stand up to power and privilege to bring fairness and opportunity for all of us. We will build a better country with less injustice and where people have opportunities to build themselves a better life.

We need you to help us make that happen. Demand better for Britain. Join us today.