Ludlow community survey – no politics, just your voice

From Ludlow area Lib dem Councillors: Andy Boddington. Vivienne Parry, Tracey Huffer and Richard Huffer.:

We'll be launching an online survey on at the beginning of next month. We – the four unitary councillors for Ludlow and Clee – would like to know your views about our town and the surrounding area. And we'd like your help in choosing the questions we are to ask.

Do you feel safe crossing the street? Are you worried about crime and antisocial behaviour? What about street lights, dog mess and litter? Do we do enough recycling? Or maybe you think everything is just fine.

What about the hospital? What do you think about the bus service?

What makes your life feel good? Or if it doesn't feel good, let us know what's up.

What we won't ask you is who you vote for. Or who should lead political parties. We certainly won't ask who should be the Conservative candidate for the next London Mayor. We won't even demand to know who you are.

We all need to work together in this time of escalating expenditure cuts, not fret over political allegiances. What we care about as unitary councillors is our local area and the growing problems we are facing as cuts bite harder.

Our anonymous survey will be designed to help keep us in touch and gather data that we can use to ensure that Ludlow's voice is heard. We don't have a final list of questions yet. If want particular topics covered, please let us know.

Our survey will be online from 1 September at

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