Liberal Democrat Campaign for Race Equality

The new Liberal Democrat Campaign for Race Equality aims to make the Liberal Democrats a truly multiracial party – to become a leading political force for race equality and integration.

The Alderdice review into race equality within the party made for uncomfortable reading. It concluded that the party was not integrated at any level – and that too many of our local parties were overwhelmingly white in multiracial communities.

That is why I am asking you to join the new Campaign for Race Equality today. Let’s change this party, so we can better change our country:

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LDCRE intends to change the party’s lack of diversity.

We have already begun consulting members on political issues.

We have been working with the Parliamentary Party and the party headquarters to bring together a coordinated campaign that will pursue important national race issues, alongside identifying and encouraging campaigning on issues at a local level.

This campaign needs active support from across the party, in every community, and there is room for every party member to contribute.

Let’s work together to create change.

Head to the website,, and if you are not already a member please join Lib Dem CRE today and get involved.

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