Labour’s dodgy Brexit voting record

Brexit is a national embarrassment.

And while they’re trying to keep their position on Brexit as vague as possible, Labour has aided the Tories in pushing it through every step of the way. They’re a pro-Brexit party.

In fact, we did some digging. The Labour whip has instructed parliamentarians to abstain or vote with the Tory government on 29 Brexit votes. These include:

  • Voting with the government on 6 occasions for pushing ahead with Brexit and abstaining in a further 23 important votes.
  • 1 time Labour MPs abstained on preventing a no-deal Brexit.
  • A key vote on 14 March to have a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal. Labour stopped this happening.
  • 5 times Labour abstained on keeping the UK in the EU single market and/or customs union, and 1 time they voted against it.
  • 1 time Labour peers abstained on safeguarding the rights of EU citizens in the UK.
  • There were 10 votes on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill in 2017 and 2018 in which the Labour party abstained.

Truly remarkable. The constant Gardiner to the Tories: “We are in there trying to bail you guys out.”

— John Harris (@johnharris1969) May 3, 2019

Meanwhile, Liberal Democrats have been fighting for Remainers in all of these votes. We were the first to call for a People’s Vote almost 3 years ago. Our message has always been clear – we are the party of Remain.

Reject Labour and the Tories’ Brexit stitch-up. Say you’re with us – vote Lib Dem on the 23rd May.