Just 6 hours left to vote!

We’ve had an amazing campaign – and now it’s nearly over. You’ve got until 10 tonight to get out and cast your vote for the Liberal Democrats to stop Brexit!

We’re the biggest, strongest Remain party – and we’re on course for an amazing result. These European elections are your chance to send a message to the pro-Brexit Labour and Conservative parties – we just want it to stop.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats tells the right wing Brexiters that you demand better than this Brexit mess.

Vote for the biggest Remain party: vote Liberal Democrat.#VoteRemain#VoteLibDem#EUElections2019#StopBrexitpic.twitter.com/xaEEXW4bMH

— Liberal Democrats (@LibDems) May 23, 2019

The Tories are in a mess. They’re too busy fighting amongst themselves to do anything about Brexit. Theresa May’s “new” Brexit deal went down like a cup of cold sick across Parliament – the only sensible way out of Brexit now is a People’s Vote.

But the Labour party is fighting tooth and nail to stop that happening. Jeremy Corbyn has aided the Tories on Brexit every step of the way. He’s ignoring Labour supporters up and down the country who want an exit from Brexit – and they’re joining our campaign instead.

The Labour party is fighting tooth and nail to stop a People’s Vote happening

Our message has been clear: bollocks to Brexit. (Sorry to Nigel Farage for offending his delicate sensibilities.) Brexit is a national embarrassment – and we’ve been fighting hard to stop it for almost 3 years. I’m proud that we’ve taken a stand for the future of our country.

But now it’s down to you. Only your vote has the power to make a difference and send pro-Remain Lib Dem MEPs to Parliament. Stop Brexit – be a Lib Dem voter today.

Help us get the Remain vote out – let us know you’ve voted:

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