Join our Business Network!

The Liberal Democrats have always understood that without thriving businesses and motivated entrepreneurs, we would not have the wealth-creation, innovation, or international standing to create the free and fair society we all want.

Brexit threatens British business like never before – and neither the Conservatives nor Labour will stop it. It is clear that there is no deal as good for British business as the deal we currently have as members of the European Union.

Only the Liberal Democrats understand this; so it’s hardly surprising that people keep saying to me that the Lib Dems are the natural home of business.

That is why I am urging all our business members to support the party by joining the Lib Dem Business & Entrepreneurs Network today.

We know the hedge funds – who stand to make millions by betting against Britain – are already giving huge amounts to Boris Johnson to fight a forthcoming general election. Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party is funding by the Trade Unions.

The Liberal Democrats are reliant on the generosity of our members to be able to take on the other parties.

Membership of LDBEN costs £2,500 per annum. Being a member gives you access to special events, insider briefings of our campaigns and the chance to meet like-minded business people.

I hope you will become a LDBEN member.


And can you do one more thing? Will you help us grow LDBEN even further by sending this message to your friends and family, and encourage them to join too? Thank you.