It’s time to stop playing political games

All 11 Lib Dem MPs voted against this shambolic Conservative Government in last night’s vote of no confidence.

In the aftermath, Theresa May invited me to discuss the next steps. I accepted, but in our discussion, I was clear.

There will be no progress until no deal is off the table. We won’t vote for this needlessly destructive Brexit. We need a people’s vote.

Jeremy Corbyn is calling for another no-confidence motion in the Government next week. But he knows it’ll fail.

Why hold a pointless vote? Because he’s still refusing to support a people’s vote – despite his party’s policy. He wants to leave the EU.

He’s wasting time, and we won’t play a part in it. We won’t support no-confidence votes unless there’s a shift in parliamentary arithmetic.

And the best way to break the deadlock is for Jeremy Corbyn to support a people’s vote.

He has a responsibility to get off the fence, make his view clear and provide effective opposition. Either he backs the people, or he backs Brexit.

The only serious option is what we’ve been calling for since the 24th June 2016. We demand a people’s vote, with the option to remain in the EU.

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