I want to beat the Conservatives

I want to beat the Conservatives. I want them out of office in 2024, and I want to kick Boris Johnson out of Downing Street.

Here are the facts. We are second in 91 seats, and in 80 of those we are second to the Conservatives. In places like Wimbledon, Hazel Grove, Esher & Walton, North Cornwall and Brecon & Radnorshire, we are the party who take seats from the Conservatives and deny them a majority in 2024.

Our passport to power is winning in Conservative facing seats, and to do that we need a laser-like focus on a core message that appeals to moderate Conservative voters and Labour tactical voters, and a leader with a track record of building winning teams to take on the Conservatives.

Ed Davey is that leader.

I backed Ed because I was so impressed by his focus on a fairer, greener and more caring society.

Just imagine that a country like that would look like.

A fairer country where we tackle social injustice. Where we give parents universal childcare to help them with one of the biggest financial challenges they face, and a universal basic income that gives everyone the money they need.

A greener country, where we invest £150bn into green jobs for our young people, green homes and a green energy network. As a trained economist and someone with a track record of delivering green jobs, I know Ed has got the experience to make sure that we make the recovery from Covid a green recovery.

A more caring society, where we give the 10 million carers in our country a new deal, with a high carers allowance and more legal protection.

When it comes to the next elections, whether that is to councils, city halls or Parliaments, I want people to go into the voting booth knowing exactly what a cross in our box will get them.

I want them to know that voting Liberal Democrat will get them that fairer, greener, more caring country.

But to build that country, we have to first beat the Tories and kick them out of office.

Ed has won his seat six times, including in 1997 when he wasn’t even a target seat. He’s built a team in Kingston that now runs the Council, and he fought the Tories everyday in Government and helped triple renewable energy, an environmental record we should be extremely proud of.

I’ve worked with Ed since I was first elected to Parliament in 2005, and I’ve seen up close the vision, experience and judgement that he has.

I know that is what the party needs now, and that’s why I am backing him to be our next leader. I hope you’ll join me when your ballot arrives this week.