How do I stop Brexit?

How do I stop Brexit?

So you’re a remainer – and you want to use your vote in the European elections send a message – that you want to stop Brexit.

How do you do that?

Well, there’s only one remain party with the strength to beat the Brexit parties, elect a huge group of remain MPs and send a message that can’t be ignored.

If you want to stop Brexit, vote Liberal Democrat.

Here’s why:

1.We’re winning.

At the local elections, we made more than 700 gains – our best ever result.

We took 19% of the vote nationally – a vote that if repeated at the European elections – would put us in 2nd place, behind the Brexit party.

What’s more, we won seats in every single part of the country – from Devon to Sunderland.

No other remain party can match that.

2. We’re the biggest remain party.

With almost 10,000 elected officials, 100,000 members and supporters, 300,000 campaign supporters, we are the biggest remain party, by a country mile.

All that size means we have literally hundreds of thousands more people that we can mobilise to help get our message out.

3. We’ve been fighting Brexit since day 1.

The day after the referendum, we promised to stand up and fight back against Brexit.

Every day since then, we’ve fought it every step of the way.

We were the first to call for a people’s vote, we’ve defeated the government two-dozen times on Brexit and tens of thousands of us have marched, leafleted, canvassed, donated and spoken out against Brexit.

No other party has been as committed, reliable and tenacious in the fight to stop Brexit.

4. Our candidates are superb.

From all walks to life, all backgrounds we have put together a slate of exceptional candidates- and unlike the other parties, they’re chosen by our members in a free vote. No secret backroom stitch ups for us.

If you vote Liberal Democrat, you’ll also be voting for an incredibly capable group of MEPs.

5. We’re unashamedly remain.

No quibbling, no qualms, no backing down. We’ve always been the most pro-EU party. We threw the kitchen sink and all the cupboards at the referendum.

We are the only party that is united and focused 100% on stopping Brexit.

Simply put, if you want to stop Brexit, we’re the way to do it.

On Thursday 23rd May, use your vote to send the Brexit parties a message.

Tell them to stop Brexit; vote Liberal Democrat: