Help get Jo in the ITV debate

I am livid.

It is unbelievable that the two Brexiteer leaders of the two old stale parties will be debating the politics of the past, meanwhile Jo Swinson the one leader who unequivocally represents remainers and wants to debate how we build a brighter future is left out of the conversation.

The leader of the strongest party of Remain demanding a People’s Vote deserves to be heard. You’ve already taken the first step towards making sure they#DebateHer.

Can you do three more things to help us make this happen?

1. Tweet ITV

Just click the link below, we’ve already prepared a tweet for you, but you can customise it with your own message before you send it.

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2. Email ITV

ITV have a dedicated complaints email – and we want them to know exactly how disappointed we all are with this decision.

We’ve prepared an email for you and if you click the button below, it should be ready to send. If that doesn’t work, we’ve included the text at the bottom of the email, and you just need to send it to

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3. Send ITV a Facebook message

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Thanks for everything you’re doing to build a brighter future.

Message to send to ITV:

Dear ITV, I am very disappointed by the line-up for your first televised debate.

It’s simply not good enough to shut out the only female candidate for Prime Minister and the only remain voice from the debate.

By making this decision you are leaving 16m remainers unrepresented in the debate.

Please reverse this decision immediately and invite Jo Swinson to the debate.

Best wishes,