Fighting climate change

On Thursday I led a debate in the House of Commons on climate change, calling for the Government to take action now.

We are staring down the barrel of an emergency, and the striking students inspired me to secure the debate and get the Government’s attention.

The Tories’ approach to tackling this global crisis is, frankly, shameful. After scrapping the Department for Energy and Climate Change, they have completely dropped the ball on the biggest issue of our time. I’m doing this for young people, and I wish that the Conservatives would realise that we are gambling with their future by refusing to take the hard decisions.

All parties must rally together if we are going to resolve this crisis.

Yet the Minister, Claire Perry, spoke in platitudes about the need for us to do more to address this issue. She didn’t answer most of my questions about specific targets and deadlines.

Government support for some investment in electric vehicle infrastructure and tackling plastic straws is a good start, but we all know that this isn’t enough.

We must demand better than the occasional backbench debate. We need to turn up the volume and show this government what we all think.

Will you join our campaign to make real meaningful steps towards ending climate change?