Ed Davey: The immigration system is broken. Here’s how we’ll fix it

In an interview with The Guardian, I set out our ambitious plan to fix the UK’s broken immigration system, end the Conservatives’ hostile environment and celebrate the positive impact immigration has had on the United Kingdom.

Our policy paper, A Fair Deal for Everyone: Prosperity and Dignity in Migration, will be debated this month in Brighton. It calls for a new right to work for refugees and asylum seekers, major reform of the Home Office – giving control of work permit policy to the Business Department and student visa policy to the Education Department, policies to make family reunification easier and scrapping the net migration target.

Here’s a brief extract from the Guardian article:

“Ahead of its conference in Brighton this September, Davey said the party would propose a plan ‘a million miles away from a hostile environment, a million miles away from targets’. …taking away immigration policy from the Home Office’s remit, dividing the brief between departments.

“At the moment, the home secretary is under pressure the whole time from the tabloid media and certain parts of politics to stop immigration at all costs,” Davey said.

“It permeates the whole administration of visas, of asylum applications. It creates perverse incentives, bad morale and a massive deskilling of people doing the work. The politics has changed the organisation dramatically.”

You can read the Guardian’s full article here.