Cleaning up the air we breathe

We can’t afford to ignore the health problems caused by roadside air pollution. 42% of primary school children attend schools in areas which breach the legal limit of toxins from traffic exhaust.

Our children breathe this toxic air every day. It means an increased risk of asthma and other breathing problems. Not to mention health problems that can last a lifetime.

The highest percentage of these schools are state-funded nursery schools. I’m appalled that we’re sending kids barely older than toddlers to schools being choked by poisonous exhaust fumes.

The EU is the body that regulates air pollution. I don’t trust the Conservatives to actually enforce their own air pollution limits if we leave.

They’re fixated on promoting travel by car above everything else. They’ll move the goalposts for what is legal. They’ll put convenience above the wellbeing of our children.

The Liberal Democrats demand better.

At our spring conference, we’ve just passed a motion calling to prioritise the health of our children.


  • encourage drivers to use hybrid or electric cars
  • fight for better testing of air pollution
  • push councils to prioritise electric/hybrid charging points in future planning.

You can read our full policy here:

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The Conservatives’ single-minded pushing of fossil fuel powered cars is wrecking our environment and endangering our children. With this policy, we’re setting out an alternative – will you join our campaign for a better, cleaner future?