Brexit is too important to be left to politicians

The Liberal Democrats have campaigned for an Exit from Brexit since the day after the 2016 Referendum. This motion reaffirms our policy of a public vote between the Governments deal and remaining in the European Union.

This motion also calls on the Government to:

  • revoke Article 50 if no deal is agreed a week before we are due to leave the European Union.
  • remove the deadline for settled status applications, provide additional support to those who need it.
  • create an emergency Brexit Support Fund of at least £7.5 billion to mitigate job losses caused by Brexit uncertainty.
  • ensure the UK’s participation in the 2019 European Parliamentary Elections, if any -extension of Article 50 means that the UK is still a member of the EU at the time of the election.

This week Jeremy Corbyn stuck two fingers up at Remainers.

When the time came to vote on the People’s Vote amendment, he sat on his hands and ordered his MPs to do the same. My colleagues and I were livid – and judging by the reaction on social media, so were millions of Remainers.

If we’ve learnt anything this week, it’s that Brexit is too important to be left in the hands of the politicians – a People’s Vote is the only way forward.

Brexit has become a national embarrassment.

News outlets all over the world were leading with one thing last week – “UK Commons Chaos”. It’s a farce.

Last week’s votes prove, once again, that the Government hasn’t got a clue what it’s doing. In the absence of an actual plan, her authority long gone, Theresa May’s going to throw her botched deal at MPs over and over again.

So why does Parliament get to change its mind, but not the people? It’s double standards of the highest order.

Liberal Democrats demand better.

We’ve fought to stop Brexit for nearly three years now. We’ve campaigned, lobbied and marched (and we’ll be marching again – do join us on the 23rd March in London!).

And now, at spring conference in York, we’ve passed new policy to:

  • Reaffirm our commitment to give you the final say on Brexit
  • Call for the Government to revoke Article 50 if we’re heading for no deal a week before we leave
  • Remove the deadline for applying for settled status in the UK. We’ll also provide physical paperwork to those who apply – this country is their home. Over-zealous future Governments can’t be allowed to kick them out on a whim.

You can read the full policy motion here:

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There’s no deal better than what we have as members of the EU. We’re not giving up – join 260,000 Remainers in our campaign for an Exit from Brexit today.