Beyond Brexit

Liberal politics for the age of identity

In a wide-ranging set of essays on Britain’s future, Vince Cable casts his party not at the centre of the tranditional left-right axis, but as the leading proponent of a values-based politics, which is open, inclusive and outward-looking, not closed or narrow-minded.

He examines how liberals should respond to the ‘age of identity’ and proposes an ambitious program of radical reform.

In a thoroughgoing analysis, he warns about the growing inequalities of income, wealth and opportunity that are fuelling populist movements. His prescription for change embraces reforming capitalism; tackling the power of the tech giants and harnessing their potential; changing the tax system; investing in public and private housing; infrastructure and the green economy; and achieving a revolution in lifelong learning.

Together these changes will help individuals take control in a more meaningful way than Brexit could achieve, particularly through establishing new rights for workers in the ‘gig’ economy, creating opportunity for young people, dispersing power from the centre to communities, and fixing the broken model of UK parliamentary democracy.

He challenges liberals and social democrats to avoid eulogising the past, and instead to prepare the country and its citizens for the 2020s.

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Image Credit: John Russell Photography