Ballots are out – go vote!

Party members – check your inboxes!

Ballots for our leadership election have now gone out. If you were a member by the 7th June, you get a say in deciding the next leader of our party.

voting barack obama GIF by Democratic National Convention

It’s a really exciting time to be a Liberal Democrat – and we’re extraordinarily lucky to have 2 solid candidates in Sir Ed Davey and Jo Swinson. Either would be a fabulous leader for our party.

Credit should also go to them for keeping it so civil. Even the papers have noted how collegiate our contest has been, especially compared to… certain other parties. ?

Whatever happens in this election – our future is bright!

How do I find my ballot?

Check your emails! Ballots are sent out electronically. If you requested a postal vote, you should have had it in the last few days. You’ll also have got a postal vote if we don’t have an email on file for you, or we’ve had issues delivering emails to you in the past.

me, on my inbox, waiting for my #LibDemLeadership ballot to come through

— Dan Schmeising ? (@danschm_) July 1, 2019

How do I vote?

Lib Dem leadership elections use Single Transferable Vote. All this means is that rather than ticking one box, you number the candidates in order of preference!

I want to find out more about the candidates!

Easy – head to our leadership election hub, where you’ll be able to read up on both Jo and Ed’s plans for our party. Both candidates have also supplied a manifesto, a link to which will be provided on your ballot.

Find out more

I haven’t received my ballot!

Don’t panic, here’s what to do:

  1. Search your inbox for an email from – there should be a few and the most recent one will likely contain a link.
  2. Check your junk, spam and promotions folders – it may be lurking in there.
  3. Check your post – you may have been on the list for a postal ballot.
  4. Email – and we’ll be able to take a look for you and send a replacement if necessary.

We’re hugely proud of both contenders and of our members. Thanks to you, the party is so much stronger than it was when Vince took over. We can’t wait to see what happens next ?