Another Corbyn Brexit Betrayal

Despite telling Labour conference he would pursue a People’s Vote if he could not secure a General Election, Jeremy Corbyn is now offering support for Theresa May’s Brexit.

His support is coming at the cost of people’s jobs, our NHS and the environment – he’s just missing in action. We’ve had enough.

Jeremy Corbyn’s letter setting out Labour’s demands for supporting a Brexit deal is a further betrayal of many who voted Labour and all of those who voted remain.

What happened to listening to his party members? They made their voices heard at conference, while Corbyn keeps his fingers in his ears.

Jeremy Corbyn had the opportunity to do what was right and reverse this national embarrassment. He should be calling for a People’s Vote – it’s what the Lib Dems have been demanding for over two years.

Labour are feeling the pressure in the polls as he fails to stand up for party members, 70% of whom would support a people’s vote as well as the many voters who believed that Labour would act as an opposition party to Theresa May’s disastrous deal.

And last week footage has emerged from 2009 of the Labour Leader making the case against the EU:

Corbyn’s weak opposition to Brexit has helped Theresa May get this far. Demand the final say on Brexit and the option to stay in the EU >

— Liberal Democrats (@LibDems) 8 February 2019

Time and again we have seen that Corbyn’s heart isn’t in this fight, so he’s chosen to let the Tories off the hook again. He’s badly letting down the people who supported him.

We’re ready to welcome Labour members who rightly feel betrayed.

The polls are clear – a majority of the British people want a People’s Vote. It’s time Corbyn backed the manywho want to have the final say on Brexit, instead of the few who are happy to see our futures put at risk.

200,000 people have signed the Liberal Democrats’ petition calling for an exit from Brexit – will you join them?