Agenda and Directory – published!

We’ve just launched our conference agenda and directory.

We’ll be debating key policy motions such as:

✔︎Reforming housing legislation

✔︎Rehabilitation and cutting reoffending

✔︎Investing in lifelong learning

✔︎ Stopping Brexit

We’ll have training events on:

✔︎How to engage new members of the Lib Dems

✔︎Guidance on digital campaigning

✔︎How to become an approved Parliamentary candidate for the Lib Dems

There will also be a chance to hear from key party figures like:

✔︎Wera Hobhouse

✔︎Sir Vince Cable

✔︎Chuka Umuna

✔︎Ed Davey

✔︎And new leader of the Lib Dems, Jo Swinson!