7 reasons the government didn’t want you to see its no-deal Brexit prep docs

To summarise:

Last night, the Government posted its assessment papers of the impact a no-deal Brexit will have on our country. And it makes for pretty grim reading.

A no-deal Brexit could bring civil unrest, traffic chaos that stretches for miles and fuel and medicine shortages. And that might not even be the worst of it. But for now, here’s 7 things on the Yellowhammer document the Government is hoping you’ll miss:

1. We’ll struggle to enforce our fishing waters.

Nearly 300 vessels could illegally fish in our waters – and thanks to competing pressures on our border police such as smugglers trying to get past customs with illegal goods, we won’t have the capacity to stop them.

Fish will get more expensive, and fishermen will struggle to make a decent living as stock in British waters is depleted.

It’s no wonder Boris is so keen to import American chlorinated chicken.

2. Food shortages.

It’ll be harder to get fresh food into the country before it goes off – reducing choice and putting up prices. It’s no wonder Boris is so keen to import American chlorinated chicken.

Less fresh food means it’ll be more expensive to eat healthily – fuelling our country’s already serious obesity crisis.

3. Fuel shortages.

The Dartford crossing could become blocked up by traffic struggling to get through customs, disrupting fuel supplies into London and the South East.

It’ll be more expensive to run a car and take far longer to get anywhere – and that’s when you can find petrol in the first place.

4. Medicine shortages.

75% of all medicines in the UK come into the country through the EU over the Channel crossing.

Read that again. Seventy. Five. Percent.

The report says not enough stockpiling has been done to prevent shortages. So a no-deal Brexit will put lives at risk.

5. It’ll be harder to catch criminals.

The UK shares crime data with other EU countries. That agreement ends with no deal.

We’ll have no information on criminals trying to escape justice in the EU by coming into the UK.

6. Whatever this is.

This is a document describing how the Government is braced for chaos come no deal – so what’s so bad that it has to be redacted?

7. All of this will hit the worst off in society hardest.

The report openly admits that disadvantaged people will be worst affected by the mess of no deal. From food and fuel to vital medication, people’s livelihoods are at stake. Boris Johnson is throwing all that away to hold the Tory party together.

How do the ministers of this Government sleep at night? They know exactly what they’re doing.

It’s an utter disgrace. How do the ministers of this Government sleep at night? They know exactly what they’re doing.

They’re neglecting their duty of care to this country to dance to Nigel Farage’s tune. They’re opening our markets, social services and NHS to the lowest bidder – Donald Trump and American corporations.

And this is exactly why Brexit must be stopped.

People have had enough of it. From building houses, funding our NHS and schools, to fighting the climate emergency, there is so much more that our country should be focusing on.

Nobody voted for this. They deserve better, and the Liberal Democrats are the strongest party to stop Brexit and fix our broken politics.

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