We can stop the Conservatives ?

Across the country today, thousands of activists are knocking on doors for the Lib Dems.

We’ve had hundreds of people join us here my own constituency, reminding Liberal Democrat supporters that it’s now time to get out and vote.

Britain is tired of the politics of the past.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn have no vision for the future of this country. Only the Liberal Democrats have a detailed, credible and radical plan to build a future where every person, every community and our planet can thrive.

One of the easiest ways you can help Liberal Democrats win is simply to let us know you’ve voted.

It means we can free up our resources to focus on Lib Dem voters who haven’t made it to the polls yet… and we’ll stop reminding you to vote!

I’ve Voted!

Not sure where you need to go to cast your vote? Find out here:

Where can I vote?

If you’ve not made it to your polling station yet, you only have 6 hours left to vote.

This is the most important election in our lifetimes – don’t let your vote go to waste.

Vote Liberal Democrat to stop Boris, stop Brexit and build a brighter future.