Rise and Shine! ☀️

Today is our chance to change the future of this country. It could be the day we make history.

Tomorrow morning, we could be waking up to see top Brexiteers have lost their seats to Liberal Democrats who will fight to stop Brexit. We’re already hearing some great reports from key seats across the country.

But with 11 hours to go until polls close, it’s still all to play for. Every vote counts, and we need your help now more than ever.

Every vote for the Liberal Democrats today is a vote for hope. It’s a rejection of the politics of hatred and division, and it’s your chance to demand better for the future of our country.

Please, make sure you go to the polling station today. If we are to stop Boris Johnson and his appalling Brexit deal, we need the help of all of our supporters like you.

Together, we can stop Boris, stop Brexit and build a brighter future.

I’ve Voted!

Need to know where to go to vote? Use our handy polling station finder:

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Thank you for your support – together, we can stop Brexit and build a brighter future!