? SURGE ALERT ? – 17,000 new members!

Wow – 17,000 new people have joined the Liberal Democrats since the start of May!

the count desk swipe GIF

The Count got a little distressed when he realised how long this was going to take him.

Of those, 10,000 have signed up since the aftermath of our amazing EU election results. That’s 10,000 since Vince Cable announced he was triggering a leadership contest. Welcome to you all! ❤

It’s a really exciting time to become a Liberal Democrat. In the last few weeks alone:

? We’ve had our best local election results in over 20 years

? We’ve had our best results in a European election – ever

? We’ve shot up to 24% in the polls – ahead of both the Conservatives and Labour:

Westminster voting intention:

LDem: 24% (+6)

Brex: 22% (+4)

Con: 19% (-5)

Lab: 19% (-5)

Grn: 8% (+2)

via @YouGov

Chgs. w/ 17 May

— Britain Elects (@britainelects) 30 May 2019

And you don’t just get a vote on our new leader. All our policy is decided by Liberal Democrat members at conference. You get more of a say in our party’s direction than you do as a member anywhere else!

We’re on the march – and we’re going to stop Brexit. We have 2 fantastic leadership candidates in Jo Swinson and Ed Davey. Either of them would be a brilliant leader at the forefront of the next stage in our party and the country’s future.

So come and be part of it. Become a Lib Dem member today.