Tories strike huge blow to green industry

Tories strike huge blow to green industry

Source: Lib Dems Tories strike huge blow to green industry

Ministers have scrapped the Government’s flagship Green Deal home energy efficiency programme as part of their austerity drive.

Source: Independent  David Cameron’s ‘greenest Government ever’ has just axed the Green Deal

When David Cameron went to the Arctic to establish his green credentials most people in the know , at best hoped it was true or at worst scoffed at the trip publicity stunt. This announcement shows that it was only the Lib Dems in Government that were pushing the Green Agenda. The Conservatives continue to show their true colours.

Lib Dem peers challenge “outrageous gerrymander” by Tories

The Government has ignored Electoral Commission advice and brought forward changes to the way we register to vote. Individual electoral registration was brought in during the last Parliament, but electoral registers would have contained existing data until 1 December 2016. They have now moved this forward to 1 December this year.

Liberal Democrat peers didn’t miss this announcement sneaking out as MPs and Peers head off for Summer recess and they have laid down motions in both houses of Parliament to try to defeat it.

Source: Lib Dem Voice Lib Dem peers challenge “outrageous gerrymander” by Tories

Dropping nearly 2 million from the register is rather convenient when you consider the potential impact on fixing parliamentary boundaries, next year’s elections  and with the looming EU referendum. Typical of the Tories! This isn’t the 1st time alert Lib Dems have frustrated their plans to make the electoral system favourable to themselves, and it probably won’t be the last.

Read the Guardian article as well here:

Shropshire Council accused of wasting money – BBC News

A council is accused of wasting money after it was revealed it was renting offices for workers a few miles away from its headquarters.

Liberal Democrat Charlotte Barnes said the staff could work out of Shirehall.

Mrs Barnes said Shirehall had plenty of room for extra staff.

“We are working really hard to make all these savings, cuts people are finding really difficult to bear, and yet we are giving council money away when we have buildings we could house these people in,” she said.

Source: Shropshire Council accused of wasting money – BBC News

Well said Charlotte! It really is absurd to waste hard earned public money on office space when you already have space to accommodate them.

Labour allow £12bn Welfare Cuts Bill to proceed

The government’s bill that will cut spending on welfare by £12 billion has been passed in the House of Commons, with 308 votes to 124.

Liberal Democrat MPs, along with SNP and 48 rebel Labour MPs voted against the Bills 2nd reading. The majority of Labour MPs abstained, allowing the Conservative Cuts Bill to proceed with Labour’s tacit support.

Lib Dem leader, Tim Farron, described the Government’s plans were “unfair, unwise and inhuman”.

He said: ” We will vote against this Bill because we know the depth and character of these proposals are unfair, unwise and inhuman. They are anything but economically necessary.”

Tim said: “This Government pledges a living wage which even they know is not one. They want a welfare state that is anything but good for our country’s welfare and it uses the guise of economic necessity to cover up ideologically driven cuts.”

Tim also said: “Cutting tax credits, tightening the benefit cap and ramping up Right to Buy are not just morally wrong they are economically wrong. Widening inequality is not just against British decency it is also economically stupid.”

Before denouncing Labour for giving in to the “narrative that the answer to our country’s needs is to pit the working poor against the temporarily not working poor”.

3 council by-election victories

Hot of the heals of the new Liberal Democrat Leader, Tim Farron, being elected, a clutch of new councillors have hansomly gained seats from both Labour & the Conservatives. #libdemfightback continues.

And the Winner is… Tim Farron

Tim Farron has been elected as Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Both Tim Farron and Norman Lamb ran distinctively liberal, strong campaigns that spoke to party members across the UK. At numerous hustings and meetings with members, they spoke of their liberal values, the direction they think we should go, and how to best rebuild the party over the coming months and years.

Here’s the final results:

Tim Farron 56.5%
Norman Lamb 43.5%

Congratulations Tim. Let’s get cracking 🙂

School children subject to illiberal searches?

Earlier this week it was reported in the Telegraph and on the radio that Lord Nash, a Conservative schools Minister, had said schools have the power to search and confiscate junk food from pupil’s school lunches.

Telegraph article: “Teachers can lawfully ‘confiscate, keep or destroy’ unhealthy lunchbox snacks, ministers say

This is totally backwards in a free society. The correct approach should be to educate and support parent and pupils in making healthy food choices. Confiscating food from children only victimizes pupils.

Government should be pushing for 100% free school meals rather than condone policies more at home in a police state than in a school. In the last Government Lib Dems ensured 5-7 years old children had a free hot meal. Indeed in our Manifesto it was our ambition to expand that to every primary school child. Get the Facts: Free School Meals


Recycling Collection – Simple really… isn’t it?

Recycling Collects... Are you satisfied with the way your bins / boxes are left?
Recycling Collections… Are you satisfied with the way your bins / boxes are left after collection?

More Often than not when the Recycling Boxes are collected in Bridgnorth, Boxes that have been dutifully placed at the side of the road for the convenience of the collection team, are discarded willy nilly all over place.

Is it too much to ask to for the boxes to be placed back, tidily, where they were found? Apparently is it too much for the collection team to cope with. All too often boxes are just tossed aside, obstructing the pavement or even left in the road! Dropped Recyclables left scattered about also only makes the situation worse.

What is your experience of the recycling collections? Can they and should they be doing a better job of collecting our recyclables?

Surely Shropshire Council & Veolia can do better??