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In the 28 days following the 2015 General Election over 16,000 new members joined the Lib Dems. That equates to over a 33% rise in membership – including many in Ludlow Constituency and Bridgnorth in particular. Overall the new members broke down as follows:

  • Over 80% of the new members had never been a member of the party before.
  • Over 70% had never been politically active before.
  • Over 50% were under the age of 35

Despite a poor election result for the Lib Dems and contrary to the predictions of the death of the Lib Dems on Election Night, the Lib Dems are emboldened and energised across the country. Many #libdempint nights have taken place to galvanise the new support.

4908364036308992If you would like to join the Lib Dem #libdemfightback and help to ensure that Britain has a strong Liberal voice then go to

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Lib Dems, or you would like to offer some support without actually joining – there are always social events taking place, leaflets to deliver, doors to knock, envelopes to stuff and a host of less active jobs you can do to help support the party.


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