Nick Clegg: Workers’ party? What baloney | Comment | London Evening Standard

What do you think should be the first duty of government? Maintaining public order? Looking after the vulnerable? Defending the nation? I guess most people would include these and add some preferences of their own.  So let me add one of mine: it should be a duty of government to provide the best possible incentives to work.

“People will think twice about taking on more work when the amount of money they can keep before their benefits disappear has been so dramatically reduced”

Nick Clegg

Source: Nick Clegg: Workers’ party? What baloney | Comment | London Evening Standard

Labour allow £12bn Welfare Cuts Bill to proceed

The government’s bill that will cut spending on welfare by £12 billion has been passed in the House of Commons, with 308 votes to 124.

Liberal Democrat MPs, along with SNP and 48 rebel Labour MPs voted against the Bills 2nd reading. The majority of Labour MPs abstained, allowing the Conservative Cuts Bill to proceed with Labour’s tacit support.

Lib Dem leader, Tim Farron, described the Government’s plans were “unfair, unwise and inhuman”.

He said: ” We will vote against this Bill because we know the depth and character of these proposals are unfair, unwise and inhuman. They are anything but economically necessary.”

Tim said: “This Government pledges a living wage which even they know is not one. They want a welfare state that is anything but good for our country’s welfare and it uses the guise of economic necessity to cover up ideologically driven cuts.”

Tim also said: “Cutting tax credits, tightening the benefit cap and ramping up Right to Buy are not just morally wrong they are economically wrong. Widening inequality is not just against British decency it is also economically stupid.”

Before denouncing Labour for giving in to the “narrative that the answer to our country’s needs is to pit the working poor against the temporarily not working poor”.