Police force could lose 22,000 jobs in new cuts

Huge Police cuts threatened

Without the Liberal Democrats in Government, we are seeing what the Conservatives true priorities are for our area.

These cuts could see hundreds of police officers taken off the streets and local crime could dramatically increase without the necessary resources to investigate.

Whilst crime is falling, there are real concerns about the impact on cuts from the Home Office and the effect that this could have on front-line policing in our communities.

The Police Federation have warned that these cuts, “…would leave the service in real danger of being unable to properly protect the public.”

We need to fight for tough action to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour but this needs police left on the front-line. Public safety must come first.

Major reduction in funding could see number of police officers in England and Wales fall to 40-year low

Source: Police force could lose 22,000 jobs under new spending cuts | UK news | The Guardian