Lib Dems get early Christmas present from Conservatives with 3 by-election GAINS

Liberal Democrats gain another by-election seat

After a day when the Liberal Democrats saw their highest Poll rating since 2011 in an ICM Poll, climbing 4% to 14%, we entered the evening wondering how this Thursday’s crop of council by-elections would turn out. On the face of it, the chances of Lib Dem Gains seemed more remote than recent weeks. However, the Lib Dems have taken 3 of the 4 Conservative seats that were up for election. The Conservatives lost the other seat to an Independent. A miserable set of results if you are a Conservative.

The Lib Dems now have 24 net GAINS in Council by-elections. Conservatives have 15 net losses and Labour 11 net losses since last May’s council elections.

All three Gains were in areas that voted Leave in the Brexit Referendum.


In the Blakedown by-election, there was a colossal swing from the Conservatives to the Lib Dems of 40%

In Chudleigh by-election, there was a swing of 18% from Conservative to Lib Dem.

Completing the set in the Bovey by-election with a swing of 12.25% from Conservative to Lib Dem.


Another council by-election GAIN – Chichester with 19% swing

Liberal Democrats gain another by-election seat

In other by-election news last night, the Liberal Democrats took a Conservative seat in Chichester with a 19% swing from Conservative to the Liberal Democrats. This gain gives the Lib Dems 22 Net Gains since the elections last May. The Conservatives and Labour are languishing with 21 and 19 losses respectively. Many of the Lib Dem Gains have come in Leave areas. All of these results, plus the stunning results in Witney and now Richmond, bode very well indeed for the Liberal Democrats prospects in next May’s Local Elections.


Liberal Democrats GAIN Richmond with a 21.7% swing

Lib Dems Winning Here... There... and everywhere!

Last night the Liberal Democrats pulled off a stunning win in the Richmond Park by-election, Gaining the seat from the Conservatives with a 21.7% swing from Goldsmith to the Lib Dems.

Previously a Liberal Democrat Seat, narrowly lost in 2010 with the Lib Dem vote haemorrhaging further in 2015. What is evident from this win is that the Lib Dem share

Last night’s win saw voters returning home to the Lib Dems, and then some, to vote against Brexit and the direction of travel for both the Government and Labour, who lost their deposit. The Liberal Democrat vote went up by 30.3% last night… more than offsetting the 23.5% they lost in May 2015.

In 2015 the Conservatives won a narrow majority, largely by ruthlessly targeting the Liberal Democrats and peddling fear of an SNP / Labour coalition. However, since 2015 the Liberal Democrats have been mounting a fightback, gaining over 20 Council seats across the UK. The Lib Dems GAINED another council seat last night

This morning the Government majority has shrunk making life more difficult for them. With this win there will be many Conservatives across the UK, both at Westminster and defending Council seats, who will be very worried. If even half of this pattern is repeated in a general election then the Conservative Majority would be wiped out, and then some. Labour can not defeat the Conservatives in their current parlous state. The Liberal Democrats are the only progressive, open and tolerant party in the Centre of British Politics. Only the Liberal Democrats can bring this government down.

Join the fightback. Join the Liberal Democrats

The result in full:

Sarah Olney (LD) 20,510 (49.68%, +30.41%)

Zac Goldsmith (Ind) 18,638 (45.15%)

Christian Wolmar (Lab) 1,515 (3.67%, -8.68%)

Howling Laud Hope (Loony) 184 (0.45%)

Fiona Syms (Ind) 173 (0.42%)

Dominic Stockford (CPA) 164 (0.40%)

Maharaja Jammu and Kashmir (Love) 67 (0.16%)

David Powell (ND) 32 (0.08%)

LD maj 1,872 (4.53%)

Gain from Labour in Scotland

Liberal Democrats gain another by-election seat

Another week goes by and yet another gain for the Lib Dems… This time at the expense of Labour in Scotland. The total gains for the Liberal Democrats since EU referendum is now just short of 20.

Another week… another great GAIN… or THREE!!

Liberal Democrats gain another by-election seat

Liberal Democrats gaining seats in Council by-elections has now become a weekly occurrence, having made 18 GAINS since last May’s Local Elections. This week saw 3 GAINS, one on Tuesday and two last night! Last night also was the worst set of by-election results for the Conservatives since Teresa May became Prime Minister with FOUR… yes FOUR… Losses in one night.

Tuesday’s result saw another GAIN from Labour in Cardiff.

Last night saw 2 GAINS:
from the Conservatives in Teignbridge with a 20% swing from Conservative to Lib Dems

and from the Conservatives in Hadleigh, costing the Conservatives their Majority on Suffolk CC

So far during September the Liberal Democrats have had:

6 GAINS… 3 from Conservative, 2 from Labour and 1 from UKIP


with 3 HOLDS – including the huge HOLD in Bishop’s Castle last week with a 60% share of the vote and more than DOUBLE that of the 2nd place Conservatives

Read more on the excellent HOLD by Jonny Keeley from Andy Boddington here:


Lib Dems gain 1st post Brexit by-election seat from Conservatives with 20% swing

Liberal Democrats gain another by-election seat

In the first batch of Council by-elections a week after the Nation voted for Brexit, The Liberal Democrats have stormed to victory in Leatherhead, taking the seat from the Conservatives.

Yesterday saw 4 by-elections. Two were Conservative defences, along with 1 for Labour and 1 previously held by an Independent.

Congratulations to Joe Crome for pulling off the stunning result with a swing of 19.6% from the Conservative to the Liberal Democrats

Over 6000 new members since #Brexit

The wheels have fallen of just about everywhere since the nation voted for brexit.

The Conservatives and Labour are both in crisis… divided and failing to provide the required leaderships at a time of, arguably, national emergency. Shares and the Pound plummet to new lows as the leave campaign backs away from lies and promises made during the election.

Weeks and months of uncertainty are ahead which is exactly what we don’t need right now.

Meanwhile according to a Survation Poll over a Million people who voted leave now regret voting leave.

Amid this mess and building outrage people are flooding to join the Liberal Democrats with over 6000 new members so far o

ver the weekend. If like them you want to join a united, progressive, internationalist, liberal party then join us.

Stunning Lib Dem by-election GAIN in Stratford

The Lib Dems pulled off a stunning Gain from the conservatives in Stratford yesterday. By all accounts this would appear to be an excellent result. The Lib Dem who lost in May, left the Lib Dems, joined the Conservatives, stood and lost again!


So what happened in last night’s by-elections – 10 December 2015

In last night’s council by-elections we saw a good hold for the LibDems and a great GAIN in Huntingdonshire

This come hot on the heals of a 12.3% increase in the vote share in the Meole by-election in Shrewsbury last week.

Read more here: So what happened in last night’s by-elections – 10 December 2015