School children subject to illiberal searches?

Earlier this week it was reported in the Telegraph and on the radio that Lord Nash, a Conservative schools Minister, had said schools have the power to search and confiscate junk food from pupil’s school lunches.

Telegraph article: “Teachers can lawfully ‘confiscate, keep or destroy’ unhealthy lunchbox snacks, ministers say

This is totally backwards in a free society. The correct approach should be to educate and support parent and pupils in making healthy food choices. Confiscating food from children only victimizes pupils.

Government should be pushing for 100% free school meals rather than condone policies more at home in a police state than in a school. In the last Government Lib Dems ensured 5-7 years old children had a free hot meal. Indeed in our Manifesto it was our ambition to expand that to every primary school child. Get the Facts: Free School Meals