Over 6000 new members since #Brexit

The wheels have fallen of just about everywhere since the nation voted for brexit.

The Conservatives and Labour are both in crisis… divided and failing to provide the required leaderships at a time of, arguably, national emergency. Shares and the Pound plummet to new lows as the leave campaign backs away from lies and promises made during the election.

Weeks and months of uncertainty are ahead which is exactly what we don’t need right now.

Meanwhile according to a Survation Poll over a Million people who voted leave now regret voting leave.


Amid this mess and building outrage people are flooding to join the Liberal Democrats with over 6000 new members so far o

ver the weekend. If like them you want to join a united, progressive, internationalist, liberal party then join us.


Britain has a Lib Dem-sized hole in its heart

Certainly, Britain has had a Lib Dem-sized hole in its heart ever since May. Many now say that if it had been possible to vote specifically for Coalition 2, they would have done so. Why? Because the Lib Dems supported and promoted the economic recovery without seeing it as an opportunity to punish the working poor or to hollow out the civic and cultural life of our country. They spectacularly failed to communicate this to anyone, of course, but the Lib Dems in the last parliament were far and away the most effective opposition of my lifetime. We need more of them back. And we’re going to feel their lack on Wednesday.

Source: The Guardian: Edward Docx

Nick Clegg: Workers’ party? What baloney | Comment | London Evening Standard

What do you think should be the first duty of government? Maintaining public order? Looking after the vulnerable? Defending the nation? I guess most people would include these and add some preferences of their own.  So let me add one of mine: it should be a duty of government to provide the best possible incentives to work.

“People will think twice about taking on more work when the amount of money they can keep before their benefits disappear has been so dramatically reduced”

Nick Clegg

Source: Nick Clegg: Workers’ party? What baloney | Comment | London Evening Standard